USB Interface

USB Interface ICs ensure reliable interaction between mobile devices and external inputs (such as external storage device or charging cables).
Silicon Mitus’s USB Type-C controllers meet the latest Type-C specifications for faster and greater transfer of data and charging power.
In addition, they provide built-in protection, channel configuration and power delivery interface functions for the USB Type-C connector.


CODE VBUS Input VBAT Input VCONN Input Type C Controller CC OVP USB S/W Package Application Data
SM5517 3.0~20V 2.7~5.5V NA Yes Yes USB OVP 36 WLCSP Portable
SM5516W NA NA 2.7~5.5V eMarker No No 6 WLCSP eMarked Cable
SM5514B NA 2.7~5.5V NA eMarker No No 6 WLCSP Portable
SM5513 3.7~21V 2.7~5.5V NA No Yes 2:1Mux 16QFN Portable
SM5508A 4.2~21V 2.7~4.5V NA No No 2:1Mux 16WLCSP Portable


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