Corporate Responsibility

Silicon Mitus is more than a business.
We are highly competitive but at the same time believe that true success can only come from a deep,
underlying respect for the planet and its people. 

  • Our Goal is to promote
    the Wellness of Society

    We received a Certificate of Green Partner from Sony
    Corporation in 2014 and an Eco-Partner Certificate from
    Samsung Electronics in 2016 that attest to this fact.

    Our ultimate end goal is to promote the wellness of society,
    and analog chips are our medium.

  • Taking Responsibility for
    Our Actions and Decisions

    We take matters to conduct business ethically in accordance
    with all relevant laws and regulations very seriously.
    We hold our suppliers and business partners to the same
    stringent sound business practices standard, holding everyone,
    including ourselves, accountable to the impact of their
    decisions and actions.

  • International standards for Social, Safety and Health,
    Environmental responsibilities

    Silicon Mitus Code of Corporate Social Responsibility aims to
    meet international standards for social, safety and health, environmental
    responsibilities of business organizations, and management will
    audit and assess business practices on a regular basis to
    ensure that they are kept in accordance with the Code.