The Main Power Management Unit is a device that controls power supply to the application and communication processors that accommodate various mobile capabilities.
Silicon Mitus possesses a rich IP base suitable to produce custom effective solutions.


Name Description Applications

Power Management IC for an Advanced Application Processor, Modem and RF Chipsets

Mobile and Smart Phones, Tablets

The Sub Power Management Unit is an integrated device which links power supply functions with other peripheral functions linked to the application processor.
It allows devices to have a small PCB area and single channel serial interface.
We offer an Interface PMIC that allows for charging, switch, fuel gauge, camera flash driver, RGB LED Driver and other functions that are suitable for mobile equipment.


Name Description Applications

Interface PMIC with MUIC, 3.25 A SW Charger with Wireless Input, 1.5 A OTG, Flash LED Drivers, USBLDOs, RGB Driver, Haptic Driver and Fuel Gauge

Mobile and Smart Phones, Tablets, Portable Devices