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Display Solutions
We have the latest technology and craftsmanship equipped in-house to deliver the right power solutions that can maximize the performance of display panels used in tablets, notebooks, monitors, and televisions.  Particularly, we have a full range of IPs ready for time-to-market development of customized power management solutions to meet customers’ needs.  Our best field application engineers are always ready to support your design engineers to meet the technical requirements of your device.  Please contact us via email if you would like to find out more about the quality products and excellent service Silicon Mitus can provide for you.
LCD Solutions
Our LCD solutions are Power Management Units (PMUs) for DC/DC power.  While we offer general purpose PMICs, most of our products are customized through integration of various technologies equipped in-house.  Our products are designed using boost/buck converter, scan driver, OVC, LDO, PVCOM, DICH, temp compensation, gamma buffer, digital & programmable control through I²C, and more.
LED Solutions
Our LED solution offers a high-efficiency white LED back light unit driver IC with an internal-switch current mode step-up regulator.  It drives multi-channel LED arrays with high current regulation accuracy.  Our solutions consist of the step-up DC/DC converter which provides a regulated supply voltage, LED current sink, dimming control, various protection functions, and headroom voltage control.  We are also capable of offering 1% dimming with both analog and direct PWM.
AMOLED Solutions
Our AMOLED solutions offer a complete line of power solutions for AMOLED display featuring functions such as high efficiency, fast transient response, high accurate output regulation and low supply current.