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LED Lighting Solutions
Non-Isolated Power Conversion
/ Isolated Power Conversion
Silicon Mitus’s solutions offer a broad range of LED lighting power management functions - from cost effective simple solutions to highly integrated sophisticated solutions with all built-in PFC – while meeting high standards of performance requirements such as power factor, total harmonic distortion, line regulation, power efficiency, and smart control functions.
Voltage Type
Topology Power Factor
Voltage Range
Efficiency (%) Protections Pin/Package NOTE
SM1501 AC/DC Buck
Yes Universal 92 Over Current Protection
Open Lamp Detection
Thermal Shutdown
10-MSOP Low Side LED Lamp Driver with PFC
SM1510 AC/DC PSR Flyback Yes Universal 88 LED Short Protection
LED Open Protection
8-SOIC PSR Isolated LED Lamp
Dirver with PFC
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